Top 5 Things to Miss about the U.S.

These are five things that I’ll miss about the United States, based on past experiences with Indonesian restrooms, European salads and South American internet connections.

5. Paper toilet seat covers. I’m pretty sure I’ve written an entire blog about this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. You know those little paper covers in public restrooms? They’re a beautiful privilege. Even Atlanta international airport doesn’t have them. I know there’s no science behind the bacterial benefits, but it’s always comforting to know that there is a thin layer of good intentions between your bum and the overly warm public toilet. Back to the real world, though—I’ll be praising the Lord if there’s even a toilet seat.

4. Salads. Blame the Californian Adventist hippie in me, but salads were invented at the beginning of time for a reason (I guess God added the grilled chicken later.) I’ve learned that the Californian’s interpretation of a salad (dark greens, fresh veggies, lean meat and dressing on the side) is very different from that of a Spaniard, for example (iceberg lettuce, green olives and tomatoes with oil) and that of an Indonesian (spicy shredded green papaya.) I’m excited about the coastal diet, but once in a while, Sweetgreen will be in my thoughts!

3. Online streaming. Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, tv, etc…I thrive on a diet of Pandora in the States and I’m already going through Lana del Ray withdrawals. (Side note: NO SPOILERS on HIMYM this final season, I beg of you.)

2. My car. No but really, we take independent mobility for granted. I’m the kid who drives from San Francisco to So Cal for a weekend, and to Santa Cruz for a birthday lunch. I spend my shopping money on gas! It’s a different kind of independence abroad. You still have space and transportation, but it’s always a little more difficult to navigate a new system at first. I can’t just hop in Amelia and drive to Yosemite.

1. You! (and even if you’re not in the U.S., I’m still going to miss you.) I appreciate your followship and happy thoughts sent my way.

Journey on!



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