The Peace Corps…

The Peace Corps is guilty of enthusiasm and a crusading spirit. But we’re not apologetic about it.
–Sargent Shriver, the driving force behind the creation of the Peace Corps

In that crusading spirit, we have arrived in Colombia to begin pre-service training! We were greeted at the airport by a cheering crowd of current PCVs holding signs and chanting. There’s lots of positive energy in the group, and it helped us weary travelers relax a bit (after the misunderstanding about why the volunteer wearing bunny ears was trying to take my luggage–turns out he was staff and our luggage all made it safely to the hotel.) 

A short meeting and Colombian dinner (white rice, chicken and gravy, carrots and potato) followed. Several volunteers sat at our tables and fieled our barrage of questions. I’m excited to learn that there are volunteers who teach AND work in community development! I’m also happy to learn that not everyone is going to have a classroom of children to themselves…sign me up for vocational English or curriculum development! I thought I’d be among other foreign affairs-type people, but my class is full of educators. 

I’d stay and chat a bit, but we’re going running at 6:15 am for a brief jogging tour of the city before a full day of training. A por ellos! 

Buen viaje,



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