On Sweat

I have reached the “acceptance” stage of dealing with sweat. For a slightly OCD, mostly clean person with blond hair, it’s not ideal to perspire on a regular basis. However, that was basically in the contract: you go to Colombia for two years, you sweat for two years. And I, the cold-blooded Californian, signed it with a smile!

It’s usually about 85-100 degrees out, with at least 80% humidity. What this means is that you sweat when you wake up, you sweat when you get out of the shower, you sweat when you sit on your bed and check your Facebook. You sweat going into the classroom and you sweat coming out. You sweat thinking about sweating more.

But it’s a process of acceptance. First, you are completely conscious of your sweat at every minute. My hair is feeling sticky. Now it’s dripping down my forehead…now my chin is sweating. Who knew that chins could sweat? Oh no, now my back is sticky. I can’t breathe. I can’t focus. I feel sticky. I think I’m going to die if I can’t get in front of my fan this very minute. 

Then, you only notice it in the extreme cases, and therefore avoid those times. I sweat more when I leave the house. I won’t leave the house anymore. I sweat more when I move. I won’t move anymore. 

But by now, sweat has become part of my existence. I now realize that not only is it unavoidable, it’s also part of my linda experience here in Barranquilla! Bring it on, Caribbean coast!


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