On Limbo

I’m behind in writing; I’m behind in thinking. This Friday (aka in less than 4 days) they will announce our official sites, where we will spend the next two years in service. Our last site placement interviews were last week, when we had one last half hour to share our preferences and personalities with the coordinator. Now, our fate rests in the hands of the staff roundtable. Regardless of their decision, I am excited to see where they place me.

All twenty-nine trainees are in limbo this week, anxiously awaiting Friday morning. It’s pouring rain outside and we’re antsy. When you’re antsy, it’s hard to focus on anything–particularly training sessions. I’m happy to be learning so much about education, but it’s difficult to learn about curriculum design when it’s a holiday and coffee weather!

I’m working on the blog right now–trying to add a few sections and post some explanations of my work and the program here in Colombia. I can’t wait to find out the site placement to get an idea of what the next two years will look like. Stay tuned for an adventure, for sure!


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