On the Way

Hello from my site visit! Here I am, laying on the bed that will most likely become mine in a month, in my new house. The town is just what I have anticipated: motos and kids everywhere, dusty streets and tropical plants, hills and the ocean at opposite ends of town. Walking between two little English teachers and juggling my backpack while trying to dodge puddles in my ridiculous heels, I finally feel like I have arrived.

I´m in the Peace Corps.

I´m going to live in this town, with these people, for two years, learning how to share la vida porteña. I´m on my own, meeting the faces that will soon become familiar. In some ways, it´s already a familiar process, but in the back of my head I´m screaming, ¨this is it! this is the backdrop to the next two years.¨

The school is beautiful and simple, with two stories of classrooms around a covered gym area. A little hut says ¨coffee shop.¨ All the students greet the principal as he gives me a quick tour and introduces me to the kids who will be my ninth graders (or at least, that´s what I understood.)

The host family’s house is a five minute walk, which I think is about half of the way to the plaza in the center of town. We show up on the doorstep and the host mom ushers us into her beautiful home, decorated with her own artwork and her two daughters’ photos.
There’s Internet and a hammock and an international relations student and a medical student and no animals and a papaya on the counter–hooray!

And presently, I decide to take a descanso like a good porteña. Tomorrow I will meet the rest of the teachers and students, and will have to explain what the peace corps is and why I’m here at least 1,200 times, I am guessing. 🙂


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