On Settling In (a little bit)

I’ve unpacked a few things into my new room. I have tons of closet space and a rug for my American toes. My new abuela, host dad and host mom all tackled the fan in my room, but it’s roto so we scooted the bed closer to the other fan and they cracked a joke and laughed even harder when they thought I understood. “She gets it!” I didn’t quite get it, but I’m working on it.

In two years’ time, the new sounds outside my window and the new house smell will be familiar, more so than many of my other homes. I haven’t stayed in one place longer than ten months since I was 18 years old. A new kind of adventure.

You know those moments when you feel homesick but you’re not sure for which home or place or person or feeling? Soul ache of some sort? Yeah.

But a content, settling in, anticipatory kind, with a heart brimming with fresh memories and a head dancing with new ideas, faces, places.


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