I miss sweet potatoes and freezers

I got SO EXCITED when I got to the tienda tonight and found batatas. Batata is the only existing translation for “sweet potato”, and Pinterest has been taunting me with sweet potato recipes, reminding me of their health benefits, better nutrition than regular potatoes and naturally sweet flavor.

Twenty minutes later

And now I’m eating these white potatoes that, granted, are a little sweeter than usual, but certainly lack the fluffy, healthy, burnt orange goodness of the sweet potato variety. Regardless, they taste sweet and I’m poor and hungry, so I’m going to continue chowing down as I write a list of things I miss this week!

Things I Miss Today:

1. Sweet potatoes (obviously)

2. Agave nectar

3. Almond butter

4. Curry pastes

5. Kale

6. Timeliness

7. Scarves

8. Freezers that freeze things

9. …and here’s where I stop, because I don’t like dwelling much on the negative. And besides, it’s been a great week! Today, all of my students passed their exam. It wasn’t a difficult exam, but it tested the topics we covered through conversational lessons, so I was extra proud that all of them translated the speaking/listening lessons onto a written exam correctly. These kids are smart! I also had some interest in helping me paint a world map on the wall of the English lab, so that’s my project for the next week or two!

And now, since I’ve eaten bread 3x this week (it’s the cheapest thing they sell in the tienda and I don’t get paid until Sunday), I’m sufficiently glutened (for us gluten sensitives, gluten causes extreme fatigue and insomnia..at the same time…) and I’m heading to bed! Buenas noches!


3 thoughts on “I miss sweet potatoes and freezers”

  1. I missed sweet potatoes the most, ayuhama is a great substitute in lentils and things, but not the same (AT ALL). You’ll survive, think about how awesome yucca is.

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