Date a Man Who Travels

Date a Man Who Travels.

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These words are so true, it’s nearly heartbreaking. I feel those things and I search for those people.

I found this article by clicking through one that said “don’t date women who travel” for various reasons. But this article resonated with me more, because it lists all the same reasons (wanderlust, dreaming, restlessness, minimalism) as positives, and as possibilities. So far, my life feels very much like these articles and I’m quite content with it (as content as a wanderer can be!) I hope that those men who travel and think really do exist!


8 thoughts on “Date a Man Who Travels”

    1. agreed! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. And yes, you did marry one! Good find, girl! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed the photos and updates of your adventures!

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