10 thoughts on PC trainings

Here are a few of the thinks that typically coincide with Peace Corps trainings:

1. Oh no, we have a training this week. I think. Was there an email about this?

2. We DO have a training! Escape to Barranquilla!!

3. Escape FROM training. What is this presenter even saying? Why don’t I speak Spanish better? Is he even speaking Spanish?

4. *after a surreptitious Instagram browse* Well, at least I didn’t get engaged or pregnant this week.

5. I think that was useful information. Where’d I put that one sheet about that one strategy for that one problem?



Reflections on counterpart in-service training, specifically:

1. Working in groups is HARD

2. Now I know why my students can’t stop talking in class–neither can their teachers! 🙂

3. The trickiest part of PC service in the TEL program is working together with counterparts

4. I am lucky to have my counterparts

5. Never eat runny eggs–they make “runny” a theme for the day


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