Because Hummus

Am I about to write an entire blog post just about my hummus? Probably. But I’ll talk about the rest of the day, too, since it was a goodie.

This morning, against all odds (including 8 months and 45 minutes of waiting) I held my first primary school teachers workshop!! This is huge for several reasons: first, because I’ve wanted to do this since the beginning; second, because it takes a lot to get anyone anywhere at the same time; and third, because it’s one of the main PC project goals (how it came about is another story for another day.) even though the class was only about 30 minutes long by the time they showed up, we still got through some warm ups, expectations and needs surveys!

I had to book it to Barranquilla straight after to help facilitate (key PC word!) a workshop on sustainable development for the new trainees. I love working in the training environment: it’s so energizing to work with the materials, design relevant sessions and hear from the new group’s diverse perspectives.

We feted Katie, who is heading to DC, by cramming four generations of assorted volunteers into the office lobby and watching her ring the bell. Of course, with Katie’s mad muscles, the bell surrendered its rod and she had to fix it before she could ring it–all on video, of course!

When I got home, I had a quick 30 minutes before a salsa dancing lesson, so I decided to brave the blender and try this hummus recipe I’ve been eyeing for, I don’t know, about a year now!

Against all odds (particularly the ones pertaining to me and kitchens), it came out great! Why did I never do this before??? I have LITERALLY laid in front of my fan and dreamed about hummus…I used to single-handedly go through a Costco tub of it–in DC, I basically lived on hummus and quinoa. So this year without hummus has been such a sacrifice, such a lot of suffering…

And finally, tired as I was, I got to finish the day with a salsa lesson taught by one of the local geniuses, with one of the new AFS volunteers at my school. We danced and dripped sweat with the windows open towards the sea.

Now, who’s up for some hummus and cucumbers to cap this night?


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