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Hey there and welcome to pocketphilosophies! pc

I’m Shanna, not quite your ordinary twenty-something, blonde, American, Christian, white college graduate, and the origin of the ideas, stories, photos and embarrassing anecdotes housed here.

I started this blog around the time I decided to start traveling abroad, and I haven’t lived in one place longer than ten months since (update: just hit one year in PC Colombia!) I’m all about the nomadic, traveler’s lifestyle: unexpected adventure, life lessons, plane tickets, cheap food, meeting new people, trying new things, making cultural mistakes, photo-documenting the whole enchilada.

But even more, I believe in a life of connecting with each other and contributing to our big little world, whether that’s through volunteer hours, corporate giving or simply sitting down and listening to someone tell their story.

Why “pocket philosophies?” 

I picked this name to reflect the fact that there are millions of tiny ideas, experiences and adventures floating around. They can begin as the smallest, pocket-sized ideas, but small ideas often become great accomplishments. This blog is about thinking, dreaming and doing.

The Current Adventure

I’m currently living on the Caribbean coast of Colombia for two years, serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I work in a local public high school English program through a project called Teaching English for Livelihoods, working directly with the professors and students to pursue bilingualism. This blog is currently the home to my stories and updates from Colombia, until November 2015!

3 thoughts on “meet shanna”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you were going overseas for a year. Glad I can now keep up and know what you are doing. I like this account, so I’ll try to keep up with what you are doing and writing.

    1. Hey Aunt Janice. This is the place for all that keeping up! I’ll try to be blogging this whole year.

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La Vida Colombia as a Peace Corps volunteer

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