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A Good Old-Fashioned Update

I’m wrapping up the school year and preparing to go home for Christmas, which means it’s about time for a standard-issue update post! Aka, what’s been happening lately, the current state of affairs and a preview of next year!

The past few months have been pretty hectic, both in the school and in my secondary projects (not to mention personal travel and a few sick days.) The first half of the school year was my chance to observe, learn the school culture, build relationships with the faculty and the students, and generally settle in. But the second half was go time!

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Integrated and it feels so good

(Note: This week, I’m writing my one-year-in-service reflections. There’s a more comprehensive post coming, but I was enjoying writing this mini blog tangent, so I figured I’d share it now!) 

Here’s a huge–though gradual and ongoing–success: I’m integrated! That is to say, the integration and culture struggles no longer take the bulk of my time or energy. At the beginning, every conversation took extensive effort, and I spent a lot of time getting lost, asking questions, observing people and trying to deduce the idiosyncrasies of this culture.  Continue reading Integrated and it feels so good

One Year!

I sit in the volunteer lounge, listening to my fellow volunteers chat. They’re the same topics as always: sweat, food, bureaucracy. But I can tell that we’ve been here for a year. Without looking, I can predict the facial expressions and gestures they’re making; we flow along with the ease of having shared the same ups and downs and persevering.

The office is overflowing with volunteers and staff. Today is an important day for Peace Corps Colombia: all at once, we’re saying “goodbye” to our deputy director and “hello” to our new group of trainees.
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