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Girls Leading Our World: Camp GLOW in Colombia

GLOW_2015 1452
Camp Glow 2015: 37 Colombian teenage girls from across the Caribbean coastal region and 13 PCVs pc: Richard Grijalva

Summer camp…

Singing songs around the campfire.

Hiking and friendship bracelets.

New friends and wind-up cameras.

The idea of camp always energizes me. As a camper, then a counselor, wrangler and finally director, I’ve seen summer camp from every angle.

And from every angle, the camp experience continues to be unique, unforgettable and powerful, with the potential to be life-changing and to act as a catalyst for learning and growth for all the kids involved.

A camper helps pick up trash with a positive service attitude.

Camp and PCVs  One of the most rewarding project opportunities for a PCV is to bring that once-in-a-lifetime experience to the kids we  serve.  Continue reading Girls Leading Our World: Camp GLOW in Colombia

neighborly exchange 

“Stop! You’re under arrest!” says Andres, the valet boy who works nights at the pizzeria in front of my house.  
I hop off my bike to peer up through the shadows at him, perched there on the abandoned ledge across from the restaurant. 
“What’s my crime?” I ask. 
“Stealing my heart,” he says gallantly for the benefit of his friend beside him. 
“What’s the fine?” I say, making the costeno hand toss to show my inquiry.
“Um…” He hesitates, then beams. “Just a kiss!” His friend chuckles in the dark. 
“That’s too expensive,” I laugh. “Besides, what would my (fictitious) 

boyfriend say?” 

“I’ll steal you from him!” He triumphantly proclaims. 
“No!” I laugh all the way into my house. 

To Flush or Not to Flush: 5 Indicators You’re Entering the Cultural Transition Zone

One of the most baffling truths of modern transportation is that in the space of a couple of hours (more precisely, two cat naps and one plane-bathroom break), one can take-off in one culture and climate and land in a completely different one. Breakfast in 90-degree Colombia, lunch in 20-degree America.  Let’s call this the “cultural transition zone.” 

#1.    What’s the very first sign of the “cultural transition zone?” The toilet paper. During your pre-boarding pee break, you don’t even blink when you have to perch on a porcelain bowl and throw the paper in the trash can. You’ve done it for like, 500 days already. Continue reading To Flush or Not to Flush: 5 Indicators You’re Entering the Cultural Transition Zone