Let me introduce you to my host country, Colombia.

Maps courtesy of used with permission.

Colombia is a country in South America, the one that borders Panama and has both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. (aka a lot of beaches!)

Colombia is about the size of three Californias, if three Californias could hold part of the Amazon rainforest, the world’s richest coffee regions, deserts, prairie, tropical islands and two coastlines.

Colombia’s diverse geography lends to diverse regional cultures, as well. Some say there are five different Colombias in one: a person from the interior, say, Bogota, might differ in accent, appearance, breakfast preference, taste in music and personality from a coastal resident here in Barranquilla.

La Seleccion Colombia Picture from El Tiempo

I live in la costa atlantica, which encompasses eight departments, including our Atlantico. The coast is famous for its easy-going, fun-loving culture, with a particular fondness for dancing, lively music and year round festivals. These all take second place, however, to the true passion running in Colombian veins: futbol. The coast claims several of the world’s best soccer players, including my town’s own Carlos Bacca.

Carnaval parade

Barranquilla is home to the world’s second-biggest Carnaval. While the event itself only lasts four days, the preparations (and excitement) are nearly year-round for the locals! As they say, “quien lo vive, es quien lo goza,” or “who lives it is who enjoys it.”



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La Vida Colombia as a Peace Corps volunteer

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