contact/wish list

These are some helpful suggestions for any care packages! 😉 Getting mail is like instant Christmas, any day of the year, and nothing turns a lonely day around like a personal note from home!


Shanna Crumley c/o Cuerpo de Paz

Calle 77b no. 57-141, oficina 713

Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia


School supplies:

  • flashcards of English vocabulary
  • postcards and pictures of American places: I use these to start conversations.
  • J-14 and Tiger Beat magazines: I use the pictures from these teen mags as materials for classes–these kids love their One Direction!

Comfort items:

  • almond butter!!! PLEASE!
  • dark chocolate with almonds
  • Makeup (it’s twice the price here): Ulta mascara, oil-free sunscreen
  • Underwear (it’s so expensive here!!!) from Target (size small!)
  • California memorabilia, because I represent!!

Advice on packages: 

  • When sending something, declare it as a “gift” or “used personal items” and claim its value as something low, like $1.00. When it comes through customs, they like to tax me on that declaration, so please don’t be entirely honest–they take it directly out of my paycheck!
  • USPS has been the most reliable for my parents to send stuff from Tennessee. It usually takes about 2 weeks from there; a small package from California took about a month.
  • Sometimes the easiest things to send are the best–we absolutely love getting personalized letters and notes and postcards!

Thank you for your support! 🙂


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